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We’ve been on a sustainable fishing kick here at UNISG for a few weeks now. Here’s a much more entertaining introduction than I could ever give.

Yay cucumber rolls…



Love Me a Limerick

February 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Our big dinner Saturday night also included limericks for all. Here was mine:

Should I be offended?

On Tasting and Remembering

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With the 1 week countdown officially under way, tonight we’re celebrating a year’s worth of food, fun and fat (mostly fat). Eddy and Johan are in charge of the surprise tasting dinner, but we were allowed enough spoilers to put together a poem (in lieu of a menu). Complementi to Jules, our class scribe. Buon appetito! 

On Tasting and Remembering

On a hot summer day, it was all we could say

To start, your mouth we’ll divert

With a taste of dessert

– – –

But Italy is more than ice cream

From north to south and in between

Four stages, four starches: wheat, potato, corn, & rice

One knudel would suffice,

But to more pasta, who would think twice?

– – –

Then we travel abroad, beyond the Stivale

Might we interest you in something different,

Perhaps a palle?

(Carved tableside, there’s no need to hide!)

– – –

A cheese so rare, even Cristiano and Mirco it did elude

Is it rendered or fresh aromas of the Alpage that it exudes?

– – –

If food is memory, as it surely must be

To end, a hint of all the places we’ve seen

From the Alps to Greek convents, Tuscan villages to Calabrian seas,

We returned to Bra after the vines of the Duoro,

Here’s to many more of these moments in our tomorrow.


February 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

Watch out kids, there’s a new blog in town. Brought to you by The Dirty Girls (+ Lil’ Bandit and LV2), this is what we will be doing instead of writing our theses. Check it out for up to date information on our empty pockets and full bellies.

Porto: Honest to Cod

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Mosaic everything, graffiti fun, sardine packaging, iconic Port ads, cod (so much cod), seafood (barnacles? barnacles!), shepherd houses, photo fun, cooking lessons, illustrated store fronts, ladies in pink, rambling streets, tawny shots, river fronts, beach stops, growing stomachs, port, port, port, carnival dress up kits, the most disgusting street food ever, us shaped trees, cross terraced hills, left over birthday candles and a dozen more reasons to come back…. obrigado, Portugal!

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The Final Hoorah

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At least we’re going out on a bang.

Olá Porto! Home of cod, octopus, port wine, port wine and oh yeah, more port wine… I could certainly think of worse places to spend my birthday. I’ll be back in a week, (hopefully) tanner, (obviously) fatter and (unfortunately) a whole year older. Boom.



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Honey tasting > Cured meats, olive oil, wine and cheese tastings… combined?

Yep, I said it. Last weeks class on honey was a revelation for me. The nomadic beekeeper from Mieile Thun came in with 8 single origin honeys that just about blew my mind. Think flavors like eucalyptus, lime tree, ivy, heather, dandelion, fir tree and rhododendron… don’t worry, I didn’t know what last one was, either.

But hey, if you come visit me NYC you might just find out…

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