This is Laura.

She’s living in Brooklyn and working a handful of exciting, can’t-be-real food jobs after graduating from an Italian gastronomy school last May.

Before leaving Phoenix, Arizona in July of 2010, she graduated from ASU with a marketing degree — an educational path she assumed would lead her down the road of cartoons and jingles. Not exactly.

This summer, she’ll probably move back to France to take advantage of their social security system, their gracious wine season and their complete lack of proficiency in any public service.

She likes doodling, listening to Chinese on tape and studying Napoleonic history.

This is Claire.

She’s the one still in Phoenix and is currently trying to figure out what to do with her life.

After graduating with a degree in Journalism from ASU, she landed a full-time gig at a local alternative weekly where she gets to learn about arts and culture for a living. She also tries to stay in the shade. A lot.

She likes to daydream about the food Laura used to cook, read far too many memoirs, and laugh at old family photos that oddly resemble those of the Manson clan. You’ll understand what she’s talking about soon enough.

This is their blog, You Can Call Me Nins. No one really knows how they ended up calling each other the same name, or how their friends put up with it.


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