A Garden Grows In Brooklyn

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I have about 13,000 other things to update the blog on but… Look!!! It’s alive!



Happy Birthday, Papa Rawton.

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Papa Rawton will be in Japan for his actual birthday (on Friday), so we decided to celebrate a little early with peanut butter banana cake. He approved.

Good morning, Fort Collins.

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The Centenarian

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photo (1)

Margsy and I took Nora to the vet yesterday, and when we looked at the dog age chart posted on the wall, we both came to a very startling realization:

Murphy is 103 years old.

The Phoenixodus

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After a week of saying goodbyes, packing, eating guacamole, repacking, saying more goodbyes, and drinking more (and more) margaritas, I’m officially out of Phoenix and taking a short break in Fort Collins.

Here are just a few things I’ll miss in Phoenix and a few pictures from the road:

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Time to Reconsider Ketchup …

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Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 9.46.18 AM

The New York Times is looking for a crossword maker.

Prepare the Hammock!

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newyork copy2

I’m moving to New York!

Where Am I?

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