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The New Yorker takes on Hipsters

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And the result is the best thing you’ll read all week (after Claire’s feature, bien sur!)

Simon Rich: Sell Out


Now at Whole Foods!

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Someone is having fun….


The Only Way to Survive a Wednesday

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is to have a small dance party … at my desk, with headphones on.

Happy Birthday, Nins!

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Thelma and Louise Go Wild West

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On the dime of gourmet ketchup, Laura made a pit stop in Phoenix to take in the sights, drink an obscene amount of margaritas, and rediscover what sunshine, free parking, and guacamole mean on the west coast. Claire was very amused.

On Repeat

February 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

To think I could have done so many cooler things with the hours I spent in MRI machines …

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