Lord Huron

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is this week’s “stuck in my head.” Listen:


Cut and Paste

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Spotted on 6th Avenue

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Assault Rifle Penis

And so it begins…

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Hello, thermal underwear.

photo (14)

And then I learned to draw

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Or that was the goal, at least. This weekend I attended a “comics intensive” class over at the 3rd Ward, a “multi-disciplinary art center” where I will be spending all of my extra income (next up: wood shop!). The class was taught by Brooklyn illustrator Steven Weinberg, my new guru. I won’t be drawing at his level any day soon but… inspiration for the commune, perhaps?

dog moses cookie-monster GW

The News, Like

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This just in from Ireland:

We Wonder

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Music and lyrics by Julia, Laura and some guy named Rodriguez.

An ode to LV the Elder in an effort to #savethecommune … Enjoy!

“We wonder what the future may hold?

And it’s true, “five months” we were told,

We wonder is it privacy you seek?

We wonder, cause our future looks bleak

We wonder will you leave us on the street?

And we wonder how long we can suckle on your teat?

We wonder are you headin’ south of the border?

We wonder how your finances are in order

And we wonder, how much money you’ve got

We wonder, cause we’re broke and you’re not

We wonder, cause we kinda need your knives

We wonder, how can we live our foodie lives

We wonder how much chocolate you’ve had?

We wonder, when you leave will you be glad

We wonder about these Bathroom Sessions,

We wonder about your Hoffman Obsession,

We wonder, who this Markus really is?

And We wonder, will you bear his Blue Kids

I wonder, can I please keep your mink?

I mean really, would ya ever wear it, ya think?

I wonder do you need August’s rent?

If so, I might have to live in a tent

We wonder if Sarah-Jane will ever come?

And we wonder, cause we could use her some

We wonder, will we ever see you again?

We wonder, cause we thought we were friends

Although we’re only twenty-five

we understand, you can’t live in this dive

But we know that these months have been great

And just think, bout all the foie that we ate

And we know that wherever you go,

Don’t fight it, commune love is fo’ sho’

Just remember wherever you go,

Don’t fight it, Commune Love is fo’ sho’”

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