Quiche Ma Biche

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DIY Foods

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Sick of buying green onions? Okay… pretend you are. Apparently onions are perennial plants. Meaning, if you cut off the green tips for cooking, put the white ends into to water and then wait patiently… they’ll grow back on their own in a few days!

I didn’t even learn this through school, but $20,000 later, it’s the best thing I’ve learned all year.


You’re Just My Typo

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On Tuesday, the Movable Type truck came to ASU … just in time for me to spend way too much time drooling over letterpress and money on posters, greeting cards, and other things to send you in the mail. And then I had a coffee and walked home.

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Music (Swap) Monday!

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You also know where to find it. In the meantime, look who I found! And what we ate!

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A (Musical) Saturday Swap

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You know where to find it. In the meantime, here’s Tempe:

“Jeanne-Hélène, you are hiding at least two Americans under your skirt, and your upper arms are looking, how you say, very Ohio.”

March 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

Another great find courtesy of Yvonne. Take five minutes and remember just how fabulous one of my passports really is.


still excited.

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