Maps, Maps, Everywhere.

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

This has truly been a summer (and will soon be a fall) of maps.  The picture below links to the map Jonathan and I put together for Best of Phoenix. In October, Jackalope Ranch is hosting its first art show of maps of Phoenix by local artists (which I’m convincing maman to come to!!). This Friday, I need to create another map for First Friday (and soon enough, the State Fair and Renaissance Festival).

And yes, I still have a terrible sense of direction.


“Too much” strikes again

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If I don’t break out tomorrow, I’ll be amazed.


Louise Attaque is Back!

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And with a kickass music video.

Louise Attaque – Du monde tout autour from ChezEddy on Vimeo.


Padam, Padam (a week late)

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4 days of old faces, new faces, nuggets and everything in between.

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Paris, despite everything, je t’aime.

When board-dom strikes…

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You go to a bar and make a UNISG (Masters B specific) board game. Wine trivia, whisky tastings and truth or dares included.

Another successful Friday night in Bra.

In response to your previous post …

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New Psychedelic Weight Loss Drug Transforms Food Into Monstrous Hallucinations

Wait, you didn’t order 5 pounds of raw meat?

September 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Buon apetito!

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