I’ve been saying it for years…

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Slow Fish in Genova

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Or, the day I ate enough anchovies to last me a life time.

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Moving Day

May 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Please tell my boxes, bags, and baskets to stop procreating.



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Bet they don’t have these at gastronomy school …


Verduno, Conquered.

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1 village hiked, 10 to go!

Also, foraging.


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So apparently, this is what a gastronome-in-training reads. Who knew??


And so it begins…

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Italia! Maman and Papa Vills drove me over, food was had. We joined forces with Mau-Ma in Barolo wine country, wine was had. Hiking too, maybe too much. Moved into Bra! La mia citta! Where there is so much to do (haaa) that I hardly had time to start my urban gardening! And school starts tomorrow! (And yes, that is “school”)


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